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Rogue Wireless Data Detection

CPCS Technologies can assist your agency in locating unauthorized 802.11 wireless access points connected to your network.

Unauthorized wireless access points my be connected to your network by well meaning but misguided personnel to allow them to connect with a ‘Wi-Fi’ equipped notebook, or they may be placed by persons bent on personal, economic, or industrial espionage.

Unauthorized wireless access points pose a very immediate and significant risk to your data and network.  There are lots of miscreants that drive around in what is known as ‘war driving’ looking for access points that are open or easy to hack. These people then can do the following things:

  • Monitor and capture all unencrypted network traffic including email, usernames, and passwords.

  • Map the entire network making detailed analysis of everything on the network.

  • Use your network as a conduit to send spam and typically you find out because none of your real email works because all ISPs and corporations have ‘blacklisted’ your IP addresses as spam generators.

  • Probe unsecured PCs or servers on your network for vulnerabilities so they can load viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.

These hackers may collect this information and then give or sell it to other miscreants to further exploit your network.

The worst case however is the true spy who silently collects everything on your network never causing direct harm, he/she just collects all of your secrets for industrial or state sponsored espionage purposes.

CPCS Technologies can help you sweep your campuses and locations for rogue access points using a variety of software and radio tools to pinpoint the location of all access points.

CPCS can assist you in properly securing your authorized access points.

For more information about rogue wireless data detection and how CPCS Technologies can assist you, please contact us at either (919) 386-8033 or info@cpcstech.com.


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