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Web Based Notification and Messaging

CPCS Technologies can provide your agency with secure, remote hosted, web based messaging solutions allowing you to communicate critical messages to all or groups of your key personnel from any Internet connected PC.

CPCS will host a secure, on-line database allowing you to enter the email addresses of your key personnel pagers, cell phones, and other email addresses.  You can assign each person to groups that you define.

CPCS web based notification and messaging service allows you to identify authorized users that have the ability to log into the system via a web browser and enter a subject, message, and identify the group to receive the message.  Upon sending, the message turn around time is less than 60 seconds to your personnel.

CPCS web based notification and messaging service is the ideal solution for public safety groups including EMS, law enforcement, fire service, emergency management, and 911 facilities.

CPCS web based notification and messaging is very useful in emergency operations such as severe weather, large scale incidents were mass notification is required quickly, and even in day to day operations. The service is available securely via the Internet allowing authorized users to send messages from their wireless enabled notebook PC, a wireless PocketPC, an EOC PC, a 911 PC, etc.. if the user must be away from their office for an event.

CPCS web based notification and messaging service can be hosted in your domain, the CPCS domain, or its own domain to allow maximum flexibility.

For more information about web based notification and messaging and how CPCS Technologies can assist you, please contact us at either (919) 386-8033 or info@cpcstech.com.


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