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CPCS Technologies can help you plan, design, build, and secure your critical data systems, network, and communications infrastructure.

How CPCS Technologies can help you:

Technology Services

CPCS Technologies (CPCS) is a technology services company specializing in strategic technology planning.  Our areas of expertise include...

  • Automation project management
  • Rapid application development and prototyping
  • Custom database software development in Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Custom reporting modules in Crystal Reports or Microsoft Access for your existing data systems
  • PDA software solutions for Palm based and PocketPC based platforms
  • Web based data systems
  • Web based messaging systems
  • Wireless and wired networking services
  • Network firewall and intrusion detection services
  • Network security sweeps and rogue wireless detection
  • Communications services, voice and data
  • GPS-GIS-AVL services
  • Data mining, data analysis, and geocoding
  • Web & email group survey solutions
  • Technical education services

Securing our nation's critical infrastructures

CPCS Technologies works with...

  • Military clients
  • Public safety clients
  • Government clients
  • Select private sector clients improve their operational security (OPSec) in all aspects of their operations. We can assist clients with network penetration testing and weakness identification, securing wireless infrastructure, implementing virtual private networking (VPN) technologies to secure wired and wireless networks in both local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) settings, firewall implementation, network intrusion detection (IDS) implementation, and security education services.


CPCS Technologies maintains professional affiliations with a number of other companies offering specific expertise in areas of network security, database development, application development, and conference planning and management. CPCS employs a number of consultants throughout the United States with skills and expertise in networking, project management, application development, education, emergency medical services education, fire service education, law enforcement, electrical and mechanical engineering.  Typically our projects involve time critical and high value  programs which do not fall under the purview of conventional consulting firms or government agencies and concentrate in the areas of national security, first responder data and communications technologies, and low intensity conflict technologies.

Always Available

CPCS Technologies maintains real-time, secure virtual private networks with our affiliate agencies, many clients, and our consultants.  Because of our unique work, CPCS doesn’t keep ‘normal’ hours. The nature of many of our projects typically require overnight, weekend, and holiday work. Our clients appreciate that many times work can be performed with new systems or projects without interrupting their normal work flow.


CPCS Technologies operates in a strict OPSec manner typically with non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and confidentiality of operations agreements (COOA) with clients. CPCS can manage your project in a completely classified environment if required.  CPCS respects the privacy and security of our clients and those concerns are our highest priority in conjunction to helping you meet your technology goals.


Software Development
Web Based Notification and Messaging
Network Design, Management, and Security
Network Backup and Continuity Planning
Remote Site and Incident Location Networking
Remote Access Solutions - VPNs
Database Server Management
Wireless Data Solutions
Rogue Wireless Data Detection
Firewall and Intrusion Detection Solutions
Network and Data Security
Automation Project Management
Web & Email Group Survey Systems
Data Mining - Data Analysis - Geocoding
Technology Consulting and Education Services
Seminar and Conference Organization and Management
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